Creative Coaching and Workshops that Help You Design Your Life with PURPOSE and INTENTION

It’s time to stop doing the same thing and thinking the same way over and over again and expecting different results! Start leading the life you were meant to live NOW! 

What is Change by Design?

Change by Design is a creative personal development company that supports you as you work through personal and professional challenges to achieve the life you desire. This is done through creative-based approaches (metacognitive coloring, painting, drawing, journaling, and more) in 1:1 coaching sessions and/or group coaching workshops held both online and in-person.

Get to Know the Founder

Hi, I am Kami.

I founded Change by Design on the principle of intentional living. Intentional living requires us to be aware of our fundamental motives, beliefs, personality traits and be willing to act in alignment with our conscience and environment to lead a life we desire.

My intention as an Intentional Creativity® and transformational life coach is to creatively inspire you to design your life with purpose and intention.

The Change by Design Experience

Change can be difficult, meeting the challenge to change begins with education and exploration of YOU; your thoughts, beliefs, needs, wants, experiences, values, personality tendencies, and life patterns. Together we will explore the facets that make you uniquely you, then design action-oriented steps that teach you how to tune in, get clear, and become change resilient in all areas of life; starting every day with intention.

Change by Design coaching sessions and workshops combines traditional life coaching with Intentional Creativity® practices to foster self-understanding, emotional change, and personal growth. 

Why Creativity? Utilizing creativity provides an opportunity to explore your inner self by releasing any attachments to control the outcome of the creative workpiece itself.  This allows your pre-conscious and subconscious thoughts to surface and visually reinforces moments of recognition, insight, and inspiration to change as you journey through each exercise in a safe, critic-free environment.

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Are You Ready for Change?