Creative Coaching and Workshops that Help You Design Your Life with Purpose and Intention

It’s time to stop doing the same thing and thinking the same way over and over then expecting things to change! I’d love to show you how to drop the inner critic and start leading the life you were meant to live!

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What is Change by Design?

Change by Design is a creative personal development coaching company that supports you as you work through personal and professional challenges to achieve the life you desire. This is done through creative-based approaches (metacognitive coloring, painting, drawing, journaling, and more) in 1:1 coaching sessions and/or group coaching workshops held both online and in-person.

Get to Know the Founder

Hi, I am Kami.

I founded Change by Design on the principle of intentional living. This principle requires us to be aware of our innate motives, beliefs, and personality traits and be willing to act in alignment with our conscience and environment to lead a life we desire.

As an Intentional Creativity® and Transformational Life Coach I intend to creatively inspire the people I work with to design a life with greater purpose and intention.

The Change by Design Experience

Change can be difficult.  Meeting the challenge to change begins with education and exploration of YOU: your thoughts, beliefs, needs, wants, experiences, values, personality tendencies, and life patterns. Together, we will explore the facets that make you uniquely you. Then, design action-oriented steps that teach you how to tune in, get clear and become change resilient in all areas of life.

Change by Design coaching sessions and workshops combines traditional life coaching with Intentional Creativity® practices to foster self-understanding, emotional change, and personal growth. 

Why Creativity?

Have you had the experience where your best ideas seem to surface when you’re doing something rote like walking, cleaning, gardening, showering, or driving? Intentional Creativity® (IC) works in a similar manner. Intentional Creativity is a manifestation of automaticity. Automaticity is the ability to create without occupying the mind with the low-level details required to create the art piece but instead allows focusing the mind on answers to inquiries, such as “Who am I?“, “What lights me up?“, “What is a good relationship?” etc.  It may feel similar to meditation. The key to IC’s effectiveness is to locate a safe place where you can achieve a relaxed state for the conscious mind to fully focus on the inquiry or set of inquiries, while still having the ability to create.  Intentional Creativity Coaches utilize drawing, painting, and coloring but the creative possibilities are infinite just as creating is infinite. The best thing about IC is that No artistic talent is required because it’s not about the outcome of the art itself, it is the outcome of what is revealed from inside you: truths, desires, values, paths, possibilities, choices, identity, healing of trauma, acceptance, etc… 

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Are You Ready for Change?