I am an Arizona native, mother, wife, a former Corporate America ladder climber, and today I’m a Transformational Life Coach and Intentional Creativity® Coach who utilizes creative tools and approaches to help others transform their personal and professional life. Read my full story

I believe too many of us walk this earth on “autopilot” or “going with the flow” only to realize (typically later in life) we aren’t where we’d like to be, something is off or missing. For example, perhaps your relationship isn’t what it used to be, maybe you don’t like what you do for a living, or you lost sight of who you are as an individual vs. all the roles you’ve had to fulfill (spouse, partner, employee, parent, friend, leader, manager, volunteer, etc.)

You don’t have to keep living with feelings of doubt, fear, or that it’s too late for you. Everything needed to create change in your life is held within YOUR INNER KNOWING. Inner knowing is when you have the self-reliance to consult the integrity of your own mind first, then choose a direction in line with that inner knowing or Intentional Living

What is your inner knowing telling you? 

Using my unwavering optimism, a bit of idealism, and creative nature, I’ll teach you how to design your life with purpose and intention.

AND Once you learn the many creative tools that await you, you can call upon them at any time to lead a more fulfilling life. 

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I coach and consult in the areas of personal, relationship, career and business development.

What clients say

Working with Kami Pollvogt has been a great blessing to both my husband and me. She is gentle, compassionate, and a great listener. She helped us focus on our communication processes; between ourselves, yes, but also with my parents so that we could understand their negative behaviors and the best way to respond to them. Because of her inputs, we have made several positive changes. Kami also worked with me on my personal goals. I love the creative ideas that she used to help me learn key concepts and apply them to my life. Along with my strong faith and Kami’s respect for my values, I feel I have made great improvements. I highly recommend Kami to anyone seeking support or growth.

Veronica R June 2017

Working with Kami has definitely taught me to move through my personal fears and blocks. Her natural creativity is fun, bright, and very intriguing. While working with Kami, she created a safe place to express and tap into my own natural creativity. A part of me that I haven’t engaged in, in a long time. Her kindness and genuine spirit allowed me to express myself in starting my own business, also co-ownership of another business. I have broken through many of my blocks learning to be overcome my fear of lack of creativity. Kami has blessed me with a new way of life for myself and others.

Madison L. June 2018

It’s so refreshing when my ideas are valued. Kami listened to me about what I hoped for in my future. Together we worked on a plan to set me on the right path toward realizing my goals. Kami is so good at what she does! Thank you, Kami!

Kate M. May 2018

A few of my other talents

I am also a Visual Designer. I love supporting entrepreneurs by creating visually appealing digital images, websites, presentations, and strategies to capture the heart and minds of their ideal customers. View my work

Frequently, I consult with small businesses on the following topics: User-Centered Design, User Experience, Customer Experience, Change Management, and guide co-working teams to work better through full-day & half-day workshops centered around Dr. Taylor Hartman’s COLOR CODE Personality Assessments.

Professional Certifications







Designing My Life with Purpose and Intention!

In 2016, I left my 20+ year Corporate IT career due to a downsizing initiative that wiped out my department. At first, it was a little scary being out of a job, and my initial thoughts were to go work for another tech company, but the truth was my heart was no longer fully in tech. I was burned out of the long hours and pressures of quick deadlines. What I truly wanted was to work in people development, not software development. In the last few years of my tech career, I was fortunate to learn and certification in a few skills that encompassed the domain of human psychology (Change Management and Customer / User Experience) and loved how they both focused on the people side of change or UI design. This realization got me thinking about my past interests. 

Dating back to grade school I was the go-to person for advice amongst my friends. I would give my friends quizzes to get to know them better. If you know about or remember the 1980s SLAM books those too are about learning things about your friends and I made quite a few of those books. In fact, one of my top 3 creative programs is based on native American medicine cards (like tarot cards) gifted to me by my artist mother at the age of 15. In my corporate career, I was always thrilled to take classes that helped us with employee communication, constructive criticism, working with and understanding cultural differences, team building, and personality assessments (I’ve taken all 4 of the most popular personality assessments). In my time outside of work, you would find me reading books or listening to audio programs on personal development, human psychology, or some type of creative visual design from many industries drawing, painting, clothing, graphic design, to home decor.

So when it came to so decide my next steps I hired an Executive Life Coach. After some deep reflection, I realized I would not be happy returning to a career in tech. It was time to design all my life with purpose and intention. Most of my intentional planning focused on having a career but I also extended my thoughts to include my vision for my family, health, finances, marriage, recreation, and most importantly a continuation of my own self-awareness journey.  I decided I would pursue transformational life coaching certification with the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) because it’s something I would happily do even if I didn’t get paid to do it (but I won’t – hey, a gal’s got to make a living). I absolutely love working with people to become self-aware enough to design the life they are meant to live.  

In 2017, I set out to help women intentionally create the life they desire, to help them find a way to connect to who they truly are, make a living doing what they love, and create successful relationships by connecting with others with greater insights into their innate personality strengths through my knowledge of COLOR CODE Personality Science, as a Certified Independent COLOR CODE Trainer. After graduating from SWIHA I spent the next year cracking open my library of psychology books, reading new ones related to creativity, art therapy, relationships, business development/marketing, listening to podcasts, and helping other life coaches establish their coaching programs with my skills as a visual designer and CX/UX skills. All the while assembling the best of what I learned and know worked for me and thousands of others into three creative programs. Because my coaching takes a different approach thus can be met with some skepticism. In 2022, I launched a Facebook Group called Creatively Cultivating Consciousness to gift women the experience of artistic self-expression as a form of discovering who they are independent of the roles they hold. 

Why is it important to be truly self-aware? 

When we are not in touch with who we truly are we tend to …

  • Conduct ourselves by following the advice of others
  • Guessing over reasoned experimentation (a.k.a. fail faster strategies)
  • Doing what’s easiest (path of least resistance) for survival
  • Allow others to treat us poorly
  • Allow insecure feelings to take us off course more easily
  • Going along because we’ve not understood clearly our identity, values, our spirit, or heart
  • Avoiding the realities or viewing circumstances as if they aren’t able to be changed or improved upon. 
  • Make choices that aren’t in alignment with our best interest (people pleasing) 
  • and the list goes on and on. 

Many realize later in life that we only have a limited amount of time on earth to have the life we envision for ourselves. While it’s never too late the change, if you’re reading this thinking you have time. What are you waiting for?  The time is now! to HAVE the LIFE WE ARE MEANT TO LIVE! It is within reach with hard work and an intentional mindset to succeed one step at a time.