Relationship Resilience is for individuals who find themselves at odds with another (Family, Couples, Colleagues, Boss) finding themselves not seeing eye to eye, struggling to connect, and avoiding each other or tough issues just to keep the peace, save the relationship or remain status quo (albeit unhealthy). We will explore the challenges behaviors and interactions you experience with the other person. Then together, we’ll design a strategy to help you address your concerns. Through these sessions, I will guide you to:

  • Define your relationship goals and priorities
  • Maximize each person’s strengths and sympathize with their limitations
  • Determine how generational stereotypes may play a role in your relationship
  • Discuss the events, behavior patterns, and/or triggers that seem to thwart progress towards understand one another

* Parent / child relationships are typically held with parents only. However, children are always welcome to join in on the growth with a signed parent permission form.