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Topics Kami teaches in her coaching and consulting practice:

  • Intentional Living
  • Creative Brain
  • Metacognition
  • Radical Honesty
  • Establishing New Habits
  • Identity & Meaning Making
  • Intentional Creativity®
  • Team Building with Color Code Personality Science
  • Persuasion / Influence
  • Change Resiliency 

Kami is a practicing Transformational Life Coach & Consultant since 2017 working with clients one-on-one primarily in personal, relationship, career, and business development. She blends traditional coaching with a creative metacognitive drawing approach (called Intentional Creativity®) and conversational emotional intelligence to foster the client’s self-awareness, emotional change, and personal growth.

She believes that meeting the challenge to change begins with an exploration of our self; understanding such things as our driving core motives, our mindset, somatic responses, experiences, life patterns, and much more. She partners with clients to design action-oriented steps to overcome obstacles, become change resilient and begin a journey to living every day with a focus on intention.

Kami has 20+ years’ professional experience in the tech industry. It was the last six years (2010-2016) in her corporate journey, as a Transition Change Management & User Experience Program Manager that fueled her passion for understanding human psychology and her love of helping others design life with purpose and intention.

She is a certified Life Coach through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Usability Analysts through Human Factors International, a Prosci certified Change Management Analyst, Intentional Creativity® Coach, and COLOR CODE Independent Trainer, all of these certifications embrace the study of human behavior.

An Example of Intentional Creativity with the inquiry Journaling of WHO AM I?

Kami would love to talk to you!

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Interviews + Podcasts

December 25th, 2021 – Guest Speaker on Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti.  Kami provides an introduction for COLOR CODE Personality Science.

Published Articles & Blogs

October 13th, 2021 – Guest Blogger on Kami provides a peek into what it’s like applying COLOR CODE Personality Science to her coaching practice. Read it here

January 26th, 2022 – Guest Blogger on Kami provides a book review from Dr. Taylor Hartman’s book Playing Life to Win; a book that supports readers with personal growth in relation to their primary COLOR CODE driving core motive. Read it here

Workshop Co-Facilitation

Jan – Oct 2021 – Co-Facilitators for Authentic ME! Workshop hosted by Davina Lyons of Davina Lyons Enterprises.  Held once every month, the Authentic ME is a membership community with various workshops where women can engage creatively to become self-aware and resilient. This is done through exploring who they are through different lenses. These workshops are intended to inspire women to live a more authentic, courageous, and confident life. 

Kami facilitated an Intentional Creativity Exercise based on the Inquiry of 12 Jungian Archetypes: The Innocent, Everyman, Hero, Outlaw, Explorer, Creator, Ruler, Magician, Lover, Caregiver, Jester, and Sage. Learn more about this workshop.

March 2020 – Co-Facilitators for Love the Life you Lead playshop hosted by Melanie Shires of Live Well Be Well. Live Well Be Well mission is to connect a diverse, global wellness community to help people Love the Life they Lead. It is a movement that empowers people to live a good life full of love, happiness, prosperity, and health in mind, body, and spirit. To fully appreciate and explore all the wonders this world has to offer.

Kami facilitated the COLOR CODE Personality Science portion of the playshop. 

January 2020 – Kami was one 1 of 4 guest Co-Facilitators for the 2020 Vision Workshop hosted by Melanie Shires of Live Well Be Well. This workshop was aimed at ushering in a new decade. Bringing vibrant energy to be tapped,  embraced, and creatively explored to welcome in the new year with clear intentions that align with your life purpose and a knowing that you’re moving in the “right” direction.  

Kami facilitated the Personalized Graphic Recording Exercise  – a form of creative visual note taking about what the participants are sensing for themselves while various topics are being covered. Below are some of the participants showing their graphic recording posters.