Hi! My name is Kami, and I’d like to share some secrets with you so we can get to know each other a little better. My story is quite ordinary—maybe even typical by today’s standards—but when I skim through my life’s major events and milestones I realize just how much those “typical” things have impacted my choices. Everything that happens is a learning experience, and if there is one thing I’ve learned for certain, it is that CHANGE is inevitable!  Here’s a peek into my life so far:

  • 1969 — The year I was born as the second child, Yep I’m the middle child.
  • 1974 — When I was five years old, my parents moved us to our forever family home in Mesa, Arizona.
  • 1987 — I graduated from high school with the class. Go Toros!
  • 1989 — I began working for a major technology manufacturing company. During the next five years at that job, I moved three times and took a handful of college courses. Eventually I left this job, looking for something that would feel long term.
  • 1993 — I worked at a few temporary jobs for a couple of years, – got to pay those bills.
  • 1995 — I got a job at another major technology manufacturing company. I stayed there for the next 20 years. As you can imagine, a lot of things changed during that time!
    • I met a guy, moved three times, got pregnant, gave birth to a wonderful daughter in 1998, left that guy, and moved twice after that.
    • Then I met another guy, moved once, got pregnant again, gave birth to my amazing son in 2002, left that guy, and moved again.
  • 2008 — My two incredible children and I met the man of our dreams. I married him in 2011, and we moved to what I hope will be our forever family home.  We have dreams of owning a second home someday
  • Finally, in 2016, I left Corporate America to become an entrepreneur and open Change by Design. Fulfillment at last!

Although these milestones may not be the same as yours, they are my life-changers. I’m sure you may have discerned that at one time I didn’t make the best relationship choices.  However, I am confident you are aware there has been a lot of change in my life. Maybe you’re even thinking about the changes in your own life?

Here’s the thing—even though we’re all very different people, we’re not so different when you look from this high-level perspective. Yet the details, the experiences and choices we make in our lives make us completely unique. I love that about people! But there’s something else … those details and experiences can also hold us back from making changes.

Do you know how to use those changes to grow your life into something wonderful and make your dreams into a reality?

Change is a lot easier when you work with a coach!  Most of our challenges stem from a mindset of fear, worthlessness, feelings that we’re incapable, and uncertainty. I have learned, grown, and done the necessary emotional work throughout my life to be able to proclaim that I am a change expert. Let me share the knowledge I have gained from the hurdles I’ve jumped and help you on your road to successful change.

I know what it’s like trying to find the right coach. (I’ve hired a coach for myself before I became one!)  Schedule a 30 min. complimentary call to ask me questions about coaching. I may even answer questions you might not have thought of… either way, a quick discovery call will help you decide whether I am the right coach for you.

As a coach, my gift is to inspire you to believe in your unique skills, interests, and talents in a way that motivates you to make positive changes.