Design your life with

Purpose & Intention
Strategies to stop living on auto-pilot and resisting change.

What is

Change by Design?

Change by Design is a creative personal development company that focuses on teaching, guiding, and accelerating personal change through the practice of living intentionally.

Supporting clients as they work through personal, relationship, and career challenges and transformations. 

Get to Know

The Founder

Hi, I am Kami. I founded Change by Design on the principle of intentional living. Intentional living requires us to be aware of our fundamental motives, beliefs, personality traits and be willing to act in alignment with our conscience and environment. My intention as a transformational coach is to creatively inspire you to design your life with purpose and intention.

The Change by Design

Client Experience

I use both a traditional and creative (artistic) approach with my clients to foster self-understanding, emotional change, and personal growth. I find the additional sensory experience of sight and movement of color on a page offers a unique way of visually reinforcing moments of recognition, insight, and inspiration to change as they journey through each coaching exercise. Meeting the challenge to change begins with education and exploration about you; your thoughts, experiences, and life patterns. Together we will design action-oriented steps that teach you how to become change resilient in all areas of life and start your journey to living every day with intention.

Are you ready for a change?